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MAJOR upgrade to NCCC website

Started by karlos, January 19, 2014, 03:52:56 PM

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Although the site may look pretty much the same, under the hood it had to go through a major upgrade to remove security vulnerabilities. These security problems only involve our site being hacked and unavailable. Since our site does no e-commerce or stores user financial information, this is low risk to us, but our host service insisted we do this by Jan 20, 2014 or else they would do it for us - that wouldn't work as our site is heavily customized and their attempt to upgrade would break the website for a couple of days.

The upgrade is complete as far as duplicating content. There are a few customizations I want to put in place so it will look EXACTLY the same - the most important (and a bit tedious) is the yellow shading of the left-hand menu column. I'll get to it in a few days.

Please let me know if anything seems odd.

Lisa Ruby

Thank you for all of your efforts for the club Karl.



I actually have a lot of fun keeping the website in line, Lisa, but kudos are gratefully accepted as I'm not sure anyone notices. After dropping the yellow left-hand menu, I've grown to like the cleaner look, leaving the bright yellow and blue in the header. Also, on my phone, it is much easier to read the LHS menu with the white background. So I will probably leave it as is. Future upgrades will be much easier with so little customization required to maintain the current look.

Thank you Karl
You certainly go above and beyond, not only in your riding skills