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2014 NCCC Membership Roster

Started by Gregory Herr, January 28, 2014, 08:29:10 PM

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Whomever this concerns (Lou Medina?),
I looked in the Newsletter Archive for the 2014 NCCC Membership Roster (and on the forum), but I can't seem to find it. I even used different browsers too, thinking it was Chrome that was messed up. It says it is in .pdf format but I can't find the link OR the file there.  ??? The only reason that I went looking for it, honestly, is so that I don't miss out on getting contacted and meeting up other NCCC riders on the night of the 7th in Palm Springs and again on the 8th there. OKAY, and to sign Lou up for a Victoria Secret catalog! LOL! (JUST KIDDING).

Any help I can get to resolve this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day/afternoon/evening.

Semper FI,
"Devil Dog" Greg
â–ºGreg Herrâ—,,


Greg - Lou, your Membership Chairman, sent this out on Jan 13. I will send you the pdf in a separate, private email. It was a good idea to look in the Newsletter Archive of the Members database, but attachments aren't kept there. Lou may also send you an extra copy if he reads this post, but no need to bother.


One other quick note. To preserve members' privacy, we would never publish the roster on our public Forum. All of us should take care to keep it private and only use it for contacting your riding mates.

Thanks for taking the time to address my question. I know all about privacy, or lack thereof. I just got the roster in my email. Thank you  :)

"Devil Dog" Greg
â–ºGreg Herrâ—,,