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Weather Widget turned slow on us.

Started by karlos, September 28, 2016, 04:24:25 PM

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I started noticing about 5 days ago that the Roadies page was loading incredibly slowly. Then, I started getting emails from club members. Then we noticed that the Cruisers and MTB Spokey pages were also incredibly slow. So what was it? I first thought it was because of an internal s/w update and was just about to revert that, when I thought "what is common on these 3 pages and no other pages?." THE COOL WEATHER WIDGET on the left-hand menu bar!!! I removed that and all the pages are back to their snappier-than-ever selves. I left in the Weather Underground link "Full Weather Details" under NC3 Weather on the left menu bar, so you can still get the quick 10-day forecast by clicking that. I think I won't bother with another weather widget, because everytime a ride page is clicked, it put out a call to a weather service and had to wait for the return info before the page was displayed. Leaving it with just the Weather Underground link, it is up to each user to check the weather only if they wish. Please let me know if this is an inconveniene. I'm betting everyone will prefer the noticeably faster page display over having a dang cool weather widget.

This is not the first time the weather widget has got in the way.

Maybe it was just the hot weather ?!  :o

It's always something - Karl