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Software upgrade lost column padding on Roadies and Cruisers pages [FIXED]

Started by karlos, September 20, 2017, 12:21:50 PM

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All - We just updated the Joomla software that controls our website. Unfortunately the Roadies and Cruisers page have lost the padding between the 2 columns and it's difficult to read. :o  I have support questions into the appropriate organizations, but if it can't be fixed, I will revert to the previous version. Not to worry as I have complete backups of everything  8)


Hopefully everyone can deal with a little truncation on the left columns. Only really affects Sat and Sun Long rides, but the pages are usable and the links to the route maps still work, even if partially obscured.


We are back to "normal." For those who care about this sort of thing, I had to revert the latest Joomla update to the previous version we were using by way of the backups I made just prior to the upgrade. There was an incompatibility with the 3rd party theme, which controls the design and visual display of the pages. I'll be a little more careful before I do a further upgrade. 8)