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You may use in NCCC website references

Started by karlos, March 25, 2019, 01:34:47 AM

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You may note that when you go to our website now that the URL in your browser address bar now shows instead of That is because we have added an extra layer of security to our website. You should see a little padlock (browser dependent) in your address bar or somewhere on the page to indicate that when you fill in things on our website (even add messages to the NCCC Forum), this data is encrypted as it travels over the open internet to protect your privacy.

All references to will be redirected to the https version, so you really don't need to do anything. We take care of it for you automagically, but going forward, you may wish to use https in all your NCCC website references.

One other note. This doesn't mean that previously we exposed things like your credit card info when you paid for anything on the website. We passed that function off to PayPal which is super secure. However, things like your address and phone number were sent in clear text whenever you put them in a form (like for signing up or renewing), so now basically everything you might type while on our website is hidden from prying bad guys.

The management  8)


If a page displays blank or not properly, please clear your browser cache. Any other weirdness, please reply here. Include your computer, browser and OS, too as this can be very browser dependent - Chrome under both Windows and linux seems to be just fine (I have no access to macs). This actually is a major change under the hood, although it should be transparent to y'all.