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LAB Bicycle Friendly communities

Started by Norval Lyon, November 27, 2019, 01:40:24 PM

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League of American Bicyclists has awarded star status to three local communities: Bronze  for San Diego and Chula Vista and Silver for Oceanside and Coronado. See the full list


Also included on that list is Solana Beach at the Silver level. When that was awarded in 2017 Solana Beach was the only city across the USA that year to reach the Silver level on its first try. Our BikeWalkSolana group had been working on getting the City to improve bike facilities since 2010 and it also was a significant joint effort with the City of Solana Beach to submit the application. Note that the City of San Diego, which covers a huge population, finally got their first Bronze level BFC status. Oceanside was the first in our region and was the example all other communities have followed. The whole LAB award process is interesting and the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition is encouraging ALL communities in SD County to go for it.