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Forgot to canceled today’s ride

Started by MikeSosa🥐TheBaker, February 25, 2023, 06:16:28 PM

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Rookie mistake
Thanks Norval Lyon for bringing it to my attention. First time navigating the forum.


A couple of suggestions, Mike. You want to post ride cancellations on the main board, "Club Rides & Events." If your display name is something that few recognize, like Foodog111884, you might sign your regular name at the end of the post. For a more permanent solution, just click under your name upper left and click on Account Settings pulldown. There, change your "Name" which is displayed on all your posts so everyone knows who you are. Default is your login name, which can be cryptic (but fun to decipher!).

This "Website" board is really for discussions how to use both the website and this forum. Hope this helps.

Karl - web guy  8)