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NCCC Forum Usage Tips

Started by karlos, March 01, 2023, 10:37:28 PM

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NCCC member tips for effectively using this forum:

  • Stay logged in every time you visit. Click on Login, top left. Enter the same username and password you use for membership signup and renewal. Select Forever for Time to stay logged on. Once logged in, your personal preferences and alerts are tuned to you. You also must be logged on and an active NCCC member in order to create a new topic or post a reply.
  • To return any time to the NCCC Home page, just click on the NCCC logo, upper left.
  • Set email notifications for the various NCCC boards you want to track. The most useful for you may be Club Rides & Events, For Sale by Members, Non NCCC Cycling Info, and there are a few others you may wish to follow, including Website where you are reading this. If you're not getting notifications for a board you want to follow, go to that board and click on the button that says NO EMAILS OR ALERTS, upper right above the posts, and select Receive Emails and Alerts. You will receive an email for every new topic on that board thereafter. You will also see alerts under the Alerts link, upper left to right of your name.
  • Setting the board notification as above only alerts you when a new topic first appears. If you want to stay abreast of further replies, you need to set notifications by clicking on that topic's NO EMAILS OR ALERTS button upper right of topic body and choose how to follow, with alerts only or alerts & emails.
  • Once you are receiving notifications in your email, the default is a link to the post in the Forum where you go to read it. There are a number of notification settings you can change by clicking on your Name, upper left, then click on Notifications in the pulldown. We recommend the following settings, although some may choose to also Receive message body in emails:
  • You also have control of your Name, upper left, that is shown. By default, your Name is now set to the membership username you chose when you joined NCCC. The Name in the upper left is best set to something all can recognize as that Name will appear in any posts or replies you make. Some have cryptic usernames that the rest of us might have difficulty deciphering. Just click on your Name, and then select Account Settings where you can set your Name to anything. You cannot change your Username which is hard-wired to your NCCC membership.


Trouble logging in? This can occur rarely for changes in your browser or even a forum software update, even though you thought you were logged in forever. Should this occur you may wish to delete the cookie that is keeping you logged in forever. Deleting cookies is browser dependent - search for how to delete cookies on your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, ...). Since cookies are saved to simplify the user experience, you best are served searching only for cookies associated with Your browser may allow you to delete a specific cookie - our forum cookie is named SMFCookie288 and you should delete at least that, clear your browser cache, and try logging in again.

Should you have any trouble with these tips or any other issue with this forum, you may reply to this Website board or email your NCCC webmaster.

Enjoy  8)