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2023 Kit Store is Open!

Started by kcpurcell, November 09, 2023, 08:49:36 AM

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The 2023 kit store is now open. The store closes on November 28.

Full details are on the club clothing page.

I considered buying the kit and actually added the jersey to the cart. Unfortunately there's no option to buy the Apex version which is the only version that I'm interested in. Life's too short to be riding in the cheaper gear. All the kit manufacturers are having big sales of their top tier gear, the best chamois pads are so much more comfortable than the next level down, well worth the extra cost.


I got the Apex bottoms with a Volare sport cut jersey (the Apex top is "Race Cut" only, and I'm not exactly race cut. :) )

Anyway, here's the link to the Apex bottoms. Is that what you're after JP?

Please post links to the pink apex jersey and bibs, thanks


The main clothing page has all of the options on it.

Specifically, here is the
Pink Apex Jersey (unisex and race cut only)
Pink Apex Bottoms

Did anyone else order bibs but got shorts? At least they didn't charge me the extra $5.

I believe that happened to me.  I got both the wrong jersey (the size was correct, but I wanted the Volare Sport and ended up with the Volare Race in that size), as well as the regular shorts instead of bibs.  I was sure I chose the correct options when I placed the order, since I had the model and style logged in my phone the day of the fitting in the park. Makes me wonder how many other people had similar issues.

As a follow-on to my response to Paul Nevins' post regarding the bib/shorts issue, if anybody got a Medium Volare Race jersey, and wants one that's a little more snug, I'd be happy to swap my Small for a Medium.  Probably a long shot, but ya never know...  ;)

It sucks, I haven't worn shorts in years bibs rule!


Dave, Nevins, do you guys have your invoice from ?

-- Ken C-P

Unfortunately I deleted my order email around the time Aspen sent the shipping notice email.   Talked to Sean and he said that he *may* be able to access the original orders, so hopefully that's the case.

I found mine, I didn't pay enough attention to the details 😿. I did select bibs but the order confirmation came back with shorts.


I do believe this is a user interface error at Agile. I also was "sure" I ordered bibs and received shorts. I logged in to check my original order and it does say "Shorts" just like the invoice in the package and the item itself. I've only worn bibs for years. I thought this was simply my failing to check my order when I clicked Submit and was willing to live with it, since they fit perfectly, look nice, but just have that extra bit of elastic where I don't like it. Then, at the Wed Clippers ride today, one of the other riders said he thought he was ordering bibs for both he and his wife. He also got Shorts. This seems to be more than a coincidence that we could all be making the same mistake. On the other hand, Jim Hutchings ordered bibs, got bibs, also the extra jacket and loves every piece of the new kit.


Ken, you can include me in this list as well as 2 others on today's Wed ride. Yes, I have my invoice, both email from Nov 9 and I also logged into my Agile account at It matches what came in the package and has no mention of bibs. I evidently glossed over the email I received, but from memory I swear I had selected bibs. I was also charged charged $5 less and just didn't notice it. I was willing to accept my user error, but hearing about Dave, Paul, and the other 2 who I just met today, makes me think something else is going on - UI confusion?
Quote from: kcpurcell on January 17, 2024, 10:02:10 AMDave, Nevins, do you guys have your invoice from ?

-- Ken C-P

So will the club be contacting Agile to see how they will respond? I might wear the shorts on a quick training ride but definitely not for more than a half hour or so.