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Segregating Forum Topics

Started by karlos, January 08, 2012, 04:56:46 PM

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It's great that the NCCC Forum is getting lots of use these days, but those with notification turned on are getting their Inbox flooded with some topics which are of little interest to them individually, but may have interest to others. I have decided to add two new boards to the NCCC Forum, for a total of 5 boards. This is their description. Please post to the appropriate board

1. Club Rides & Events (formerly Message Board) - Limited to NCCC riding activities and club events, including ride announcements, last minute ride changes, organizing alternate rides, general comments (humor, too) about the rides, picnics, parties, club announcements, etc.
2. Non NCCC Cycling Info - Any information about cycling or items of interest you wish to share with your NCCC friends, not covered by Club Rides & Events or Bicycle Education & Advocacy.
3. Bicycle Education & Advocacy - Limited to discussions regarding bicycle education, advocacy and the law, which range from Bike Friendly North County activities to San Diego Bike Coalition activities, to general California, US, and international cycling advocacy and laws.
4. For Sale by Members - as always, ANYthing any NCCC member would like to sell, with discounts to fellow members.
5. Website - discussion about the website and the NCCC Forum in general.

Let's see how this goes. In the past couple weeks, I have received requests to moderate the non-NCCC stuff (both links to and discussions of non-NCCC stuff and to bike advocacy issues). I'll move a few of these posts into the appropriate location to serve as examples (all old posts will remain  in Club Rides & Events). By segmenting the discussions, you can visit or turn on notification for whichever Board you choose. Since the Forum link takes you to a page showing all 5 boards, it will be easy to make the correct choice and see which boards are active.

As I very rarely actually delete any post, this gives you the opportunity to post what you like (following the usual guidelines) and to place it into the correct location. Since I want to keep moderation (moving posts around) to a minimum, please take care to consider where each post you create belongs.

Note: THIS post itself is not properly located and after a few weeks I will move it to the Website board  ;)

Lisa Ruby

Thanks Karl. This all sounds like a good idea.

This is a brilliant idea - Thank you Karl.  I feel this will be of great benefit to many....